2022 National Treasures NFL Gear Trio Tag 1/1 – Mahomes, Burrow, Allen



2022 National Treasures NFL Gear Trio Tag 1/1 – Mahomes, Burrow, Allen

Immerse yourself in the world of exclusive NFL collectibles with the exceptional 2022 National Treasures NFL Gear Trio Tag 1/1 Card. This card brings together the talents of Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, and Josh Allen, featuring a trio of NFL Players Tag relics that mark this card as a true masterpiece with a coveted 1/1 status.

Patrick Mahomes:

  • Legacy: Patrick Mahomes is a record-setting quarterback known for his arm talent and creativity on the field.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Super Bowl MVP (LIV)
    • Regular season MVP (2018)
    • Led the Chiefs to multiple playoff appearances and Super Bowl victories

Joe Burrow:

  • Legacy: Joe Burrow is a promising young quarterback known for his accuracy and leadership.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Heisman Trophy winner (2019)
    • No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft
    • Displayed his potential as a playmaker for the Cincinnati Bengals

Josh Allen:

  • Legacy: Josh Allen is a dynamic quarterback known for his strong arm and ability to make plays both in the air and on the ground.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Led the Buffalo Bills to the AFC Championship Game
    • Consistently ranked among top quarterbacks in the league
    • Known for his versatility and leadership

Card Set: 2022 National Treasures The 2022 National Treasures set is a pinnacle of NFL collecting, and this card stands out due to its rarity and the elite trio it features:

  • 1/1 Card: With only one card in existence, this piece holds unparalleled rarity and exclusivity.
  • NFL Players Tag Relics: The inclusion of NFL Players Tag relics adds an authentic touch, showcasing the players’ connection to the game.
  • Triple Threat: The combination of Mahomes, Burrow, and Allen on a single card makes it a sought-after collectible.

Dive into the world of NFL history with this extraordinary card, which celebrates the talents of three standout quarterbacks and their impact on the game. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or a fan of these players, this card offers a unique glimpse into the excitement and promise of the NFL.


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